Thursday, 7 January 2010


and the cold keeps getting worse... two days ago it was so cold outside that our car's battery died. it was a predictable expense at a certain point, considering the car is 8 years old, but in good condition. and when the problem was fixed, we had to struggle to get the car out of the parking lot, because it was stuck on ice.

as of next week, i am a full time student studying swedish... monday=1 and a half of computers in swedish, tuesday= 2 h of swedish, wednesday= 2 h of swedish, thursday= 90min of swedish biology, 90min of swedish AND 1h of consumer behaviour or something like that in swedish... and to top it off, on friday 3h and a half of swedish... hopefully i'll remember how to speak my native tongue after all this :D i'm already dreaming in english, now i corner romanian with swedish in a forgotten room of my mind.