Friday, 15 January 2010


I am so happy Linda recommended Serieteket to me. Up to this point, I have been literally drooling in the comic book store in Gamla Stan or in the Sci Fi store, but comic books are so expensive to buy. 100kr is quite a lot for someone who doesn't have a salary or help from the government. But never fear! Linda came to the rescue! and so I discovered the comic book library of Stockholm!

it's a pity that so many are in swedish. I hoped to find comics like DMZ, Walking Dead, but no such luck. It was fun to find out that I am allowed to take out 50 items!!! 50!!! I went into a frenzy! I stuffed 11 heavy comic books in my backpack until it almost popped its seams. Hellboy and 30 days of night will keep me company the following days.