Tuesday, 15 December 2009


as I sit here in my cold living room (what do you expect, it's Sweden) watching the blizzard tearing our communal garden apart, I say to myself... what happened to my photos... it's been ... wait for it... 4 months since I last posted something... naughty naughty!

maybe I should force myself to also write on my blog, though I never thought of myself as a writer, or even in the least a person with interesting thoughts for somebody else other than myself.

did I mention my laptop, my one and only baby (well, maybe not anymore since I also have a netbook... baby no.1 and baby no.2), ever since Dell serviced it and replaced the screen, can blind a person with the screen? it's so bright I might have to kidnap my bf's big computer to edit my photos, because I can't be sure of how it's gonna look on somebody else's screen...

apart from that itsy bitsy tiny problem, I am in the final week of this semester of studies! I just gotta pull through 2 more nights of not so much sleep, and then I can sleep like the dead...